Moonlight Madness

When one of the members of the Virginia Beach Genealogical Society proposed an evening camp-at Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library for genealogy work, fun, and guidance, it developed into Midnight Madness. It’s become very popular, and is organized by the library staff.

Now called “Moonlight Madness” the library continues to offer the same great benefits of attending this event.

During this event, there are representatives from VBGS, area lineage societies, librarians, lectures, demonstrations, and more importantly, hands-on help and research usage of the library’s computers and programs to break down your brick walls.  A great deal of fun and professional help is readily available.

Members and Visitors are reminded to register to attend this event.  There is a 60 person limit to registration. The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society will make announcements at the monthly meetings prior to the event to update members of the dates for a date planned in 2018.



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