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The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society is pleased to announce that the new editor of the Newsletter is Wendy Bransom.

The Newsletter of the Virginia Beach Genealogical Society’s Newsletter is published quarterly. It is called “First Landing” It contains articles of interest to genealogical researchers, search queries, as well as notice of coming society events and messages from the President of the Genealogical Society.

Genealogical queries will be published in the newsletter free of charge to members, and for $1.00 per query for nonmembers. Literary contributions, comments, letters, and suggestions are welcome. The newsletter is published four times each year in time to be mailed the first of February, May, August, and November. Please have any literary contributions in to the newsletter editor by the 10th day of the month preceding the publication dates.

Submissions for upcoming issues of First Landing are always due by the 10th of January, April, July, and October.

Mail contributions, comments, or queries to:

Editor, VBGS Newsletter
P.O. Box 62901
Virginia Beach, VA 23466-2901

or E-mail to:  firstlanding.vbgs@gmail.com

The following issues of First Landing are available online (More Issues to Follow):

First Landing February 2009 First Landing February 2010 First Landing February 2011
First Landing May 2009 First Landing May 2010 First Landing May 2011
First Landing August 2009 First Landing August 2010 First Landing August 2011
First Landing November 2009 First Landing November 2010 First Landing November 2011
First Landing February 2012 First Landing February 2013 First Landing February 2014
First Landing May 2012 First Landing May 2013
First Landing August 2012  First Landing August 2013
First Landing November 2012 First Landing November 2013
First Landing October 2017

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