October 27, 2020
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Dry Penis Maintenance: Eliminating Unwanted Moisture

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There's nothing like a damp penis to dampen one's mood. While people are generally instructed to keep well-hydrated with lots of water and to moisturize their body on the regular, the penis region is another story. Women? Yes. Keep those lady bits dewy and damp. But for the fellas, dryness is the key to keeping the penis area free of bacteria, chafing and rashes. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to keep a cool and dry penis, no matter where a guy is or what he's doing. Penis care is in a man's own hands (no pun intended).
Underwear Selection
The right underwear choice can make a big difference in the way the crotch and penis feel. The wrong material, fit or style can do anything from impact comfort to cause a serious bacterial infection or painful, unsightly rash. Steer clear of fashion trends and sexy styles and go for the underwear that's best for men's health. Think function, not fashion.
The best choice for men is soft cotton underwear which is more breathable than blends, silk or satin options. "Tighty whities" and boxer briefs are best for a secure fit, but if boxers are preferred, be sure they fit properly beneath jeans and trousers and don't bunch or ride up. Make sure the size is right and neither too snug nor too loose. While one may think looser is better as far as air circulation goes, if the underwear are too loose, rubbing and chafing from the pants can occur. It's best to avoid going "commando" for the same reason. Wearing underwear to bed is a personal choice, but the same rule applies: Stick with cotton to let the penis area breathe overnight.
Get Up and Move
Lots of men spend a good deal of the day sitting down in one spot. Whether it's behind a desk at work or hours stuck in an automobile, too much sitting still in one position can make the penis area clammy and damp - even on a cool day. Men should try to get up and walk around as often as possible to get some air flow to their nether regions. Just a few times a day can make a considerable difference.
Sitting with the legs crossed can also contribute to overheating and lack of circulation to the penis. Of course, lots of movement, like that from exercise, can lead to sweating and heat to the area, so be sure to dry off well and change wet undergarments after doing vigorous exercise as soon after as possible.
A Little Sprinkle
Since the penis and crotch are located where they are, the area is prone to becoming damp and potentially uncomfortable. Even if a man picks the best undergarments and tries to air out as much as possible, there is always the chance of feeling less than dry down below. A small sprinkle of talc powder into the underwear or onto the skin can go a long way in keeping a man feeling cool, dry and comfortable throughout a long day. Make sure the selection is safe for the penis area and is only used sparingly and as needed. A pharmacist can help with the best choice for the region.
Of course, for some men, dryness itself is the issue. Dry penis skin is as important to avoid as excess dampness. If a man is experiencing itchy, flaky skin in his most sensitive region, he would do well to apply a penis health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a daily basis. Man1 Man Oil is equipped with Shea butter and vitamin E, two excellent natural moisturizers. A balance of moisture and dryness is essential in the penile region, and a penis health crme, along with the steps above, can help men achieve this golden mean.


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