November 10, 2020
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Erectile Dysfunction And Impotence Is Not Just A Problem For The Man, Here Are Some Tips To Help

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Men are concerned about impotence (erectile dysfunction) and the affect it will have on their sex lives, but so are women. Loss of sex drive and impotence are very common in men as they age, and encouraging a conversation with a doctor can alleviate fears, as there are many treatment options for physical conditions, and many ways to address mental issues. Stress is a key factor in a man's sexual health. The simple act of fearing that he may not be able to get an erection can in itself cause erectile dysfunction. When sexual partners are not on the same level as far as sexual desire goes, it is important to find ways to pleasure each other (manually or orally) when intercourse is not possible.

A majority of men tend to experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at least once in their lives. For many men, after they reach the age of 65, impotence becomes an even more common and frequesnt occurence. Men experience changes in the ability to get and keep and erection as they experience changes in the rest of their bodies, which is all just part of growing older. To them, orgasms may not seem as strong as they once were and getting another erection afterwards may take a while, if it is possible at all. There are several specific symptoms of erectile dysfunction: the inability to achieve a full erection, to maintain an erection during intercourse, or to even have an erection at all.

There are two major issues that affect the ability to maintain an erection, one is mental, and one is physical. The physical part deals with the actual physiology of the penis, which has two cylindrical structures that are made of a sponge like material and run the entire length of the penis. These structures are also found (in much smaller proportion) in the woman's clitoris. This erectile tissue fills with blood when the male is aroused, and like a wet sponge, this tissue expands up to seven times its normal size, forming an erection. The clitoris can experience some of the same behaviors. After ejaculation, the penis returns to its normal size.

Erectile dysfunction is often caused by the mental aspect, and this is where the woman can easily contribute a helping hand. The level of arousal the man experiences often determines the quality of an erection. It is the mental portion of the equation that moves the nervous system to stimulate blood flow to the penis which gives the erection. When this delicate balance between the physical and mental facets of the erection process is disrupted, erectile dysfunction occurs. Providing a variety of arousing sensations for your man can be an integral part of solving the problem of ED.


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